Indian Heat

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Delhi to Moscow

14 Years Ago, the Chief Priest in a town not far from Nikol’skaya in Moscow Region sent a priest to the church of this town. In proximity to the Church of Nikol’skaya was… Continue reading

The Sojourn

How every turn in the road is a temporary stay in the journey. We as kids never realize the value of the time until we are too late to seize the moment

Wild Life . Ehh ?

You woke up early one fine morning… And find this one in your balcony …                           ..getting ready for the day.

The Literature Lesson

‘Its not every time that the Good is interred with the bones’ 😉

“Cant Be Tamed”

I tamed the bull, but could…

Hollow Building Blocks ?

Whats the point of a building block which is hollow. Think about it !

Rising High !

It stood there forever, but now its just a big fat pollutant.

‘Welcome To The Jungle” : GnR

Lights, Bricks & Jungle

Morning Glory

Need a little time to wake up, whats the story, Morning Glory !